• Gumtoad

A guide to Colour Theory

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Colour theory is important when choosing a tattoo. Your artist can use their design skills to make a coherent, visually appealing piece of illustration for your body. If it's something you want to have a lot of input in, it's important to understand colour theory.

The following infographics contain some useful information on colour theory; it is of course important to bear in mind that a tattoo that is designed in such a way that there isn't much black to hold the colours in, it may not age well. Black ink acts as 'framework' for the colours, stopping them from spreading out and 'bleeding' into each other over time.

For this reason, tattoos that are only built up of colours may weaken over time. This is the reason why traditional colour tattoos are so prominent and have been popular for decades - the thick black lines hold the colours in place and can look good for decades.