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3 qualities of a tattoo artist you can trust

The first thing that you must ensure when choosing a tattoo shop is that it is hygienic and organised. Blood borne illness is very real and can be spread easily if hygiene practices aren't followed properly.

The second thing you should be confident of is the attitude of your artist. When you come into the studio for the first time you should have a good feeling about the atmosphere, decor and staff.

The third thing to be sure of when choosing a tattoo artist is that their style suits the kind of tattoo that you're planning to get. Most tattoo artists are very versatile in the work that they do but each artist has their strengths and weaknesses; if you play to an artist's strengths when choosing a design, you're more likely to get a really awesome piece that's made the absolute most out of the abilities of the artist.

Getting a tattoo is a very personal process and although your mileage may very, these three points are solid areas that you need to feel confident in. You'll know you've made a good choice when your tattooist is clean, kind and skilled and you walk out of the shop with a piece you're proud of. This is a top priority for Gumtoad Tattoos - we really are prepared to go above and beyond to create artwork that you'll be glad to own on your body.

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